Thursday, May 17, 2012

PTCL's (newer) Wireless n 150mbps W150D xDSL Router by Tenda Part2

From the hardware point of view, the PTCL/Tenda W150D is not much different from other BCM6328 based routers but the difference surely lies in the software/firmware ... so let's take a look at the gui side of things ...

From the start it was apparent that the firmware for PTCL was not 'special/locked' one and just used image replacement replacing Tenda's images/logos with those for PTCL ... anyways it also didn't seem to work well, felt kind of like a beta version of the firmware ... couldn't hold onto some settings ... my long line and difficult stats didn't help either (awaiting conversion from copper to fiber) ...

so in desperation I looked at firmware updates for the router on Tenda's website knowing full well that a corrupted/interrupted/slightly-changed firmware update would brick the router with no obvious way to recover as serial & jTAG pinouts are not known (there are some test points ... but lack of interest) and no full flash backup currently ... I decided upon v1.0.1 of the update (taking note of the version previously installed ... and flashed the newer firmware "bcmw150dv3_fs_kernel-IPOA" ... it was successful :) and now its running Tenda's original firmware ... and things have improved significantly! Be sure to clear browser cache as well!

Note: There are (currently) 2 versions of the W150D, V3.0 and V5.0, with this one being V3! You may need to confirm this before flashing firmware!

Update: The board seems to originate from Micronet Taiwan with the product number SP3367NL! I had to remove a little of the header to install Micronet's firmware on the router (I was upgrading from Tenda's firmware mentioned above)! The modified version is here: and the original product page is at:

Caution: If you follow with a firmware update, you alone are responsible for your actions as a firmware update can brick your router and may void your warranty!!!

(My upgrade path: PTCL's firmware->Tenda's Firmware->Micronet's Firmware)

In my haste, I forgot to take screenshots of PTCL's firmware but one thing for that firmware I know is that the telnet username: admin and the password: admin ... if you want to play with the commandline ... you have to type "sh" without quotes to get into the busybox shell!!!

Here's Tenda's interface (almost same as the old one):

Any benefits??? Yes, the firmware keeps settings and seems to work much better than before ... though it runs very hot as usual and I have had to 'enlarge' some openings making air flow better ... another thing (more related to line quality than router) is that although it can hold onto dying connections well, it holds on too tightly showing connectivity via leds but you cannot use the internet until finally the connection dies and the router re-initiates sync after quite sometime ... so for noisy lines, you may have to wait a while before reconnecting (hoping shifting to fiber would sort this problem out at its roots)

Next time, we'll take a look at Telnet and some tweaking options provided by the root access ... in case you are wondering, the username: root and password: ConsoleFireitup  (case-sensitive) ...


  1. thanks bro for the review.. i just want to know if this "ptcl tenda W150D" is better or worse then "PTCL AN1020-25 wifi DSL" ??

    which one is latest and which is better for online gaming etc.. previously i was using TPLINK WR740N which has awsome feature of brandwidth control i-e i can allot specific brandwidth speed to a specific IP or MAC !! is this feature available in both ptcl devices..?? Kindly reply soon 03137232015

  2. My experience was different. I had not any problem with the modem before but, I decided anyway to install this new firmware. After the reboot it was a mess. It could not save any settings change at all, although it managed to connect to the internet with the previous configuration.

    I don't know if using IE or Firefox to change settings makes a difference, but for this modem I will go for IE from now.

    So after failing with v1.0.1 and since I haven't the original firmware, I used the previous version on Tenda website (W150DV3br_1.0.0_en_TD). Now its OK, like before the first update it saves the settings.

    I had a backup of the settings but the modem could not save them after loading. Basically I had to re enter the NAT values.

    So, If your TENDA modem is working well already, do not update it.

  3. one thing i noticed that on tenda website i read whole specs of w150 there wrote in specs it has bandwidth control but which modem provided by ptcl it doesn't has bandwidth controling feature but why ? can we update latest firmware ?

  4. i need ptcl firmware for w150d if anyone have email me at

  5. salam...
    will you please tell me where to get firmware of ptcl an1020-25 cux i have got my device firmware corrupted. Please if you have then please mail it on this email id :

  6. i just forgot my login details of ptcl dsl router tenda 150mbps... now i cant login by using the website
    i forgot password! what should i do.. plzzz help me

  7. Sorry, the W150D only has QoS though I haven't enabled it to confirm whether it actually works or not!

  8. @Sandeer If you have forgotten the login details, then, you'll have to reset the router by pressing and holding the WPS/Reset Button on the back! You'll have to reconfigure or restore backup configuration!

    However, if on ptcl's firmware, first you try to login with admin/admin ... then ... you'll see in address bar of browser what username/password you typed ... like ... just change username and password to "user" without quotes like ... and you'll be able to login and change admin password as well :)

  9. i have a spear ptcl wifi modem can i use ptcl wifi modem as simple wifi router

  10. AOA hi all hi sir AHMED FARAZ ......i have a spear ptcl wifi modem can i use as simple wifi router for other internet line iam wating for ur nice reply THANKS in advance

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  12. i have installed v5 firmware from tenda site. it works good. but i want to try that micronet fw. when i try to upload it says incorrrect image. can u help.

  13. vicky
    i have spare ptcl device W150D can i change into just wifi router that can help me bosst my wifi range for uper portion of my house
    please reply me and tell me the solution

  14. Hello Again!

    Thank you for your interest! And, sorry for the late reply!

    - I have created a new post regarding using the W150D/SP3367NL as a 'Wireless Router' here at: Go There

    - I'll also create another one regarding using the W150D/SP3367NL to extend wireless coverage soon

    - Wrt Firmware, once you go from PTCL's to Tenda's and wish to go to Micronet's you'll have to use the 'headerless' file I have attached in my post here at: Go There
    If it still does not load, send me both firmware files and I'll try with mine!

  15. Hey bro just wanna ask if you can help me, I want to install the v5 firmware, can you help me in that case? I also have w150D.

  16. hello @ahmedfarazch
    bro i have few questions regarding ptcl router can i get your email id. Please reply

  17. My id is ahmedfarazch and I have gmail account!

    Thanks for your confidence in me!

  18. AoA,
    I have W150D-U whose board ID BCM96318, I tried to upload both files name "Micronet_SP3367NL_RC1.0.1_En_header deleted" & "Micronet_Latest_SP3367NL V3_NUT_V10010_fs_kernel" but it says
    "Image uploading failed. The selected file contains an illegal image. "
    Please assist.


    1. Walaikum As Salaam,

      Although I haven't tried it, but, you could try the suggestion by Mike:
      "dear just use tenda d303 firmware...
      it will resolve your problem."
      Click here to go to the discussion

      Hope this helps!

  19. i have installed sagecome F@st 1704 firmware but now all ptcl settings have been removed. can i still connect to ptcl dsl as the installed firmware is non ptcl sagecome firmware

    1. Hello!

      You'll have to configure it again just like a new router. For PTCL's dsl service, you need:
      - VPI/VCI (Fiber: 8/81, Copper: 0/103)
      - PPPoE connection type with LLC encapsulation
      - username and password for dsl (helpline shall provide this info if you don't know)

      Here is a video I found that shows the process (should also be posted by PTCL on their portal):

      The thing missing from the video is that they don't show the creation of the ATM interface which you'll have to do by yourself. If you have problems doing that, then let me know!

      Hope this helps!


  20. Thank you Ahmed for your prompt reply... i have reconfigured the ATM layer interface and then wan services but still unable to connect to internet. i have also called ptcl help line and tell the story to them but they have asked me that our technical expert will call you back but still no one contacted yet.
    i have also searched PTCL website for stock firmware but have no luck so far...

    1. You are welcome!

      A firmware update shouldn't (normally) cause any problems once the router has been reconfigured. Kindly email me your settings and I'll try to send you screenshots to help configure it (though I have 2504 and 2504n by Sagem ... but interface is mostly similar).

      My email id is ahmedfarazch
      and I use Gmail